BCS Preliminary and Written Syllabus (PDF)

BCS Syllabus is divided into two parts by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). These are BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Written Syllabus.
The syllabus for the first two phases of the BCS test is prescribed by the BPSC. BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Written Syllabus are provided for the BCS Preliminary exam and the BCS Written Exam.

Syllabus for BCS

Phase-01: Consists of the BCS Preliminary Syllabus and the BCS Preliminary Analysis.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) provided the BCS Preliminary Syllabus, which had 12 subjects. The corresponding figure available for the BCS Preliminary test is 200. The syllabus of the new BCS Circular will include the same chapters of the old BCS examinations' topics.

Not all subjects are worth the same amount of marks. The BCS Preliminary Syllabus prioritizes certain subjects.

BCS Preliminary Marks Distribution

'Bangla Language and Literature' carries 35 scores, 'English Language and Literature holds 35 marks, Bangladesh Affairs carries 30 scores, International Affairs conveys 20 marks, Math carries 15 scores, Mental ability carries 15 scores, 'Geography, Environment, and Disaster Management' carries 10 scores, General Science brings 15 marks, 'Ethics, Values, and Good Governance' conveys 10 marks, and Computer and Information Technology carries 15 scores.

BCS Preliminary Subjects (PDF)

Subject wise BCS Preliminary Syllabus is given following. We've also mentioned distributed marks for your better understanding.

1. Bangla Language and Literature - 35 Marks
2. English Language and Literature - 35 Scores 
3. Bangladesh Affairs - 30 Marks 
4. International Affairs - 20 Scores 
5. Geography - 10 Marks 
6. General Science - 15 Marks 
7. Computer and Information Technology - 15 Marks 
8. Mathematics - 15 Marks 
9. Mental Ability - 15 Marks 
10. Ethics, Values and Good Governance - 10 Marks

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BCS Written Exam Syllabus

BCS written exam is the second stage to becoming a BCS cadre. After passing the BCS Preliminary exam, you have to sit for the written exam. We'll discuss BCS Written Syllabus in detail. At first look at the syllabus. 

For General Cadre:
1. Bangla - 200 Marks 
2. English - 200 Marks 
3. Bangladesh Affairs - 200 Marks 
4. International Affairs - 100 Marks 
5. Mathematical Reasoning & Mental ability - 100 Marks 
6. General Science and Technology - 100 Marks 

For Technical Cadre: 
1. Bangla - 100 Marks 
2. English - 200 Marks
3. GK and Bangladesh Affairs - 200 Marks 
4. Gk and International Affairs - 100 Marks 
5. Mathematical Reasoning & Mental ability - 100 Marks 
6. Job-Related Subject - 200 Marks 

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BCS Exam Analysis 

When we look at the BCS exam curriculum, we can see that not all subjects from the BCS Preliminary syllabus are included in the BCS Written curriculum. There are 10 subjects for the BCS Preliminary exam, of which only 8 are chosen for the BCS Written exam.

The BCS Written Syllabus does not include the topics 'Geography, Environment, and Disaster Management and 'Ethics, Values, and Good Governance' from the BCS Preliminary Syllabus.

As a result, when studying for the BCS test, these subjects should be given little emphasis.

Again, while 8 subjects from the BCS Preliminary syllabus are retained in the BCS Written syllabus, not all of the concepts in those particular courses from the BCS Preliminary syllabus are retained in the BCS Written syllabus.

As a result, applicants should prioritize the subjects and concepts of the BCS Preliminary syllabus that are the same as or comparable to the subjects and topics of the BCS Written syllabus.

Not all topics on the BCS Syllabus should be treated similarly.

If you go at the Syllabus and questions of earlier BPSC BCS exams, you'll see that the majority of the questions are repeated from a few areas in the relevant topics.

As a result, you should prioritize the areas identified as significant by examining the questionnaires from past BCS exams. 

10 Tips for BCS Preliminary Preparation

BCS Preliminary is the largest competitive examination in our country. Here we'll share 10 strategies to do well in the BCS exam. These are:
  • Begin BCS preparation today in order to pass the BCS Preliminary Exam.
  • Make a study schedule that you can adhere to.
  • Prepare your Sword and Armour.
  • At least two hours should be spent reading the newspaper.
  • Learn ''how to take notes'' during your BCS exam preparation studies.
  • Set up a 'Group Study Circle' to prepare for the BCS exam.
  • Firstly, go through the 'BCS Question Bank' of prior preliminary exams.
  • Adhere to a 'Smart-revision cycle.'
  • Make a set of 'flash cards' containing the unclear content.
  • Complete several mock BCS model tests.

FAQ about BCS 

Q1: Is there any negative marking in BCS exam?

According to the revised guidelines, a BCS candidate would get one point for each right answer and 0.50 points for each incorrect response.

Q2: Who is eligible for BCS?

To take the BCS, you must have finished an undergraduate degree. The test is only accessible to Bangladeshi nationals between the ages of 21 and 30. In your undergraduate and graduate degrees, you cannot have more than one third-class equal final grade.

Q3: Is calculator allowed in BCS exam?

Candidates for the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) written examinations will be prohibited from carrying watches, books, calculators, or other electronic devices during the BCS exam. 

Q4: What is the pass mark in the BCS exam?

BCS exams are administered to different cadres. A candidate who receives less than 30% in any topic is considered to have received no marks in that subject.