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The Season I Like Most

Bangladesh has six distinct seasons. Spring is my favorite season out of them. In Bangladesh, it reigns supreme throughout all seasons. It is comprised of the Bengali months of Falgun and Chaitra. It arrives at the end of winter with all of its splendors and attractions. It conveys a sense of optimism and joy.

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Spring is the most lovely and endearing of all seasons. During this season, there is neither the severity of winter nor the burning heat of summer. This season greets us with the beautiful fragrance of flowers and the sweet twittering of birds, making us forget about the harsh winter days. It is spring that brings life back to Nature after a long period of dormancy. Poets from all across the world and from all eras have sung about it. This is why I like spring so much more. 

Nature awakens from its slumber with the arrival of spring and takes on a fresh and charming aspect. Trees and plants are adorned with new leaves and blossoms. A pleasant wind blows in from the south, spreading the wonderful aroma of flowers all about. In pursuit of honey, bees sing as they travel from bloom to flower. Butterflies flit from flower to bloom as well, spreading their colorful wings. The cuckoo sings sweet tunes while lurking in tree branches. Nature appears to be alive and energetic in the presence of attractive things and objects. This season's vegetables are plentiful. When one looks at a vegetable garden, it appears as if someone has stretched a green sheet of cloth across the area.

During this season, moving from one place to another in the countryside is simple and convenient. For the villagers, this is a time of fun and enjoyment. The majority of local festivities, such as the Village Fair, Jatra, Jari, and Kabigan, take place during this season. This season has had a significant impact on people's thinking. People of all ages appreciate its beauty with a positive attitude. Nature's splendors inspire poets to write poetry. The more spring we have in our lives, the more fortunate we will be in our brief lives.

The Rainy Season in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a wide range of seasons. One of them is the rainy season. It is comprised of the Bengali months of Ashar and Sravan. The rainy season arrives with her rains to refresh the ground after a lengthy period of scorching heat. In an agricultural country like Bangladesh, this season is critical. It has a significant impact on our lives and culture.

The monsoon is responsible for the rainy season. The southwest monsoon, which comes from the Bay of Bengal, carries a lot of vapor with it. As a result, there receives a lot of rain throughout the monsoon season.

The sky is frequently cloudy during the rainy season, with patches of dark clouds hovering near the earth's surface. Wind gusts are ferocious. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. The sun is obscured by clouds and torrential rainfalls. It is not uncommon for rain to fall continuously for several days at a time. The rivers' banks then flood with water. The fields submerge and resemble a big sheet of water.

The rainy season is undeniably beneficial to us. With the arrival of the rainy season, nature takes on a new look. Trees and vegetation emerge from the greenery. The scenery looks to be green. Rainwater takes away impurities and cleanses the earth's surface. It reduces the severe heat of summer and simulates greenery and agricultural development. It makes our soil more alluvial, fertile, and appropriate for producing higher-yielding crops. This season, Hilsha and other fish are accessible. The rainy season improves the country's navigation system and hence promotes trade and commerce. It also makes everything more vibrant, and the air becomes clean and dust-free.

The wet season, without a doubt, benefits us much. However, it is not always a pure blessing. It also has drawbacks. During this season, the roads in the countryside become muddy and slippery, making it difficult to get from one location to another on foot. Heavy rains can cause rivers to overrun their banks, resulting in flooding. Floods destroy our crops and sweep away the heads of our livestock, as well as our homes and assets. It also interferes with our daily lives.

In our nation, the rainy season is the most significant and helpful season. This season is inextricably linked to the country's economy and the well-being of its people. Our agriculture is heavily reliant on it. It aids the natural in gaining a fresh lease of life. So, despite the difficulties of the rainy season, the people of Bangladesh welcome it. We always look forward to this season and enjoy its splendor.

My Favourite Hobby 

A hobby is an enjoyable endeavor that is unrelated to one's main employment. It is frequently done during leisure time. It does not provide money, but it does provide a great deal of pleasure and delight. It is critical to make our lives fun and joyful. Life would be drab and monotonous without it.

Different people choose different hobbies based on their abilities, interests, and preferences. Some people enjoy gardening, others enjoy sketching images, yet others enjoy painting, and still, others enjoy rearing birds, catching fish, collecting stamps, and so on. A person picks a pastime based on his or her personal preferences. Gardening is my interest, as it is for many others.

One would question why I devote so much time and effort to such an ineffective job. One may argue that it is a waste of time and energy. I don't think or feel that way. The time I spend gardening is not wasted. It both strengthens and refreshes my body and mind. Every morning after seeing my garden, I feel a fantastic sense of accomplishment. My heart skips a beat as I watch the flowers dance in the lovely air. When the wonderful scent of flowers enters my chamber at night, it makes me joyful and fills my thoughts with perfect calm. That is why I enjoy gardening as a pastime.

My garden is just in front of our house. Every afternoon, I go to my garden and labor for around two hours. I normally stir and dig the dirt before planting fresh plants. I clean up weeds and grasses in the garden. During the dry season, I water the plants on a regular basis. I have practically every type of flower in my garden, including Roses, Chameli, Shefali, Sunflowers, Dalia, Bely, and Sheuly.

A pastime provides enjoyment and delight. It makes a man more energetic and powerful. A man who has a pastime does not waste his free time. It really doesn't leave any room for wicked concepts to grow and thrive in minds. Furthermore, gardening as a hobby teaches us the value of hard work in life. It uplifts our spirits and cleanses our minds. In their innocent state, Adam and Eve, the progenitors of mankind, were possibly put in the Garden of Eden for this precise reason.

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