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HSC GPA Calculator is the best, easiest as well as simplest approach to calculate GPA. You will be able to calculate grade point without performing any complicated math. 
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Anyone can evaluate their HSC Examination GPA using our HSC GPA Calculator within a few seconds.

HSC GPA Calculator

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HSC GPA Grading System

Range of Marks Grade Points Grade
80 – 100 5.00 A+
70 – 79 4.00 A
60 – 69 3.50 A-
50 – 59 3.00 B
40 – 49 2.00 C
33 – 39 1.00 D
0 – 32 0.00 F

N.B: Please bear in mind that this is a Secondary and Higher Secondary education grading system. If you're not a student of HSC, you shouldn't use this HSC GPA Calculator.

HSC GPA Calculator Instructions

Follow the Steps to Calculate GPA
  • First, Select your group such as Science, Business or Humanities. 
  • Then, choose grade format. 
  • Select your subject name from the table. 
  • Now Select your Grade (A+, A, A- ... etc)/ Point (5, 4, 3.5 ... etc).  
  • Finally, Hit on the Calculate Button and Boom...!

Step 1: Select your Group


To begin, you must choose a Group. The Science Group will be chosen by default. If you need to evaluate other groups, like as Business studies or Humanities, choose Business Studies or Humanities.

Step 2: Select Grade Format


Now choose the Grade Format option. By default, Grade will be chosen as the selected Format. If you need to calculate HSC GPA using points, choose Point as the grade format. Also, keep in mind that if you choose the point format, you must input the point by subject-wise.

Step 3: Select your Subject Name

The subject must be chosen from the list. By default, you will be presented with groups of the most common subjects. If you choose Science as a group in step 1, the most prevalent topics will be selected automatically. 

If someone wishes to alter the topic, they may do so using the drop down menu for each subject. Remember to stick to the group's topic. If you can't locate a topic, double-check that you choose the proper group. 

The compulsory topic cannot be modified, and you must choose a subject from one of the groups. If no subjects are found, use "Other:" as a subject.

Step 4: Select your Grade/Point


Each subject's grade must be chosen individually. Choose a grade from the dropdown. The grades are A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F. To calculate Grade Point, ensure that all subjects' grades are selected. For seeing Grades in the drop down list, you should first pick a grade format. If you wish to calculate GPA with points, choose Format as Point and enter the number in the field provided. After entering all of the points, the GPA can be calculated. A+=5.0, A=4.0, A-=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 are the grade point values. Never choose the same subject twice or more.

Step 5: Click on the Calculate GPA Button


Ultimately, to get the final result, click on the Calculate GPA Button. If you followed all of the instructions properly, you will get the outcome. The Grade Point Result displays both the grade and the point. 

Calculated GPA Result

Evaluated GPA Result will show how much grade Point you obtained and also it displays what is your Grade. Please, follow the image and result should be like this.

At the same moment, you will get Grade and Point. Grade and Point Result circle will show color mark too. If you obtain minimum A Grade / Grade Point 4.00, this Result Circle will show Green color. If anyone gets less then A grade / Grade Point 4.00, this Result Circle will display Yellow Color.  Also, If you got F grade for any Subject, Result Circle will show Red color. But if anyone obtain F grade in Optional Subject/ 4th subject then it won't show the red color rather than it will display default Color.

Common Errors

If you did not select the subject and Point, you may get some frequent warnings. Every course and its group, such as Science, Business Studies, and Humanities, has a subject, and all of the subjects' names are listed here.

Duplicate Subject Selected

If you choose the same subject twice, you will see a notice that says Warning: Duplicate Subject Issue Detected!. Do not choose the same subject twice. If you get this alert, go through a subject list to see if there are any duplicate subjects.

Some Point or Grade Field Are Empty

You must select all subjects grade or put all subjects at Grade Point. This warning will be shown if the grade option or point for any topic is left blank. To get a result using the HSC GPA Calculator, choose all subjects grade or enter all subjects Point.

About HSC GPA Calculator

HSC is a course offered by the Bangladesh Education Board, and the term HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate. It is the 12th Grade Education in Bangladesh. The HSC grading system is based on a 5.00 scale. GPA is an abbreviation for Grade Point Average. The best result is a GPA of 5.00. Also, a point represents a grade, where A+ is a grade and 5.00 is a point. The HSC grading system has the following points: A+/5.0, A/4.0, A-/3.5, B/3, C/2, D=1, F/0.

HSC GPA Calculator also known as HSC GPA Calculator BD, HSC GPA Calculator Online or HSC GPA Calculator Bangladesh. By this calculator you can easily evaluate your Higher Secondary Certificate Examination Result. Most students are seeking about how to calculate HSC Grade Point in Bangladesh and about HSC GPA Calculation system. We build simple and effective HSC Grade Point Calculator for making the process easy to calculate HSC Grade Point. We strictly abode by  the standard of HSC Grade Point Calculation System of Bangladesh.

HSC Grading system as well as Bangladesh Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Result is the same thing. Secondary as well as Higher Secondary Grade Point Calculate on the GPA scale of 5.00 whereas 5.00 Point/ A+ grade is the highest result. Now we don’t need to take the hassle to calculate HSC Grade Point.

Frequently Asked Question about HSC GPA Calculator

Question: How do I determine my HSC Result pass or fail?

Ans: If you obtained F Grade in any subject then your result will show fail except the 4th subject.

Question: Is GPA 5.0 is Good?

Ans: Yes, GPA 5.0 is the best result in Secondary Education and it's consider as a Good Result.

Question: What calculations are covered on this HSC GPA Calculator?

Ans: In this calculator, you can easily calculate the HSC GPA in Bangladesh without any difficulty. Before launching our HSC GPA Calculator there was no calculator to detect Grade Point Average.

Question: What are the advantage of using this HSC GPA Calculator?

Ans: Using this calculator you can calculate your HSC GPA 2022 easily and fast. There are many advantages of using HSC Calculator. You can guess the result and understand which subject should you need to improve grade for the HSC Board Examination 2022. Estimating Grade Point will assist you to increase Grade Point.

Hope You could Calculate GPA for HSC and also got your answer on How to Calculate HSC GPA. If there is any question or facing any hassle to Calculate Grade Point Average, please let us know.